Radio Button

Status: Aetna CVS View in Android SDK Reference

A common input control for users to select only one option from a number of choices.




Use for forms where users can choose a single item from a group of options.

Radio Button groups should always have a Section Title that clearly defines or explains what the grouped options are for
Use for a small set of choices
Avoid using Radio Buttons for items that have many choices. If available options can be collapsed, consider using an Exposed Dropdown Menu
Never use a single Radio Button as a toggle control, such as, “I agree to the Terms and Conditions”
Avoid pairing with other interactive elements, such as a tooltip or link

Visual Style

Always maintain 48dp minimum hit area for each option

Content Strategy

The overall content goal of Radio Button is to present a set of selections with appropriate scope and style for the screen’s context.


Because Radio Button appears in sets, titles should be used to introduce the selections. Think of titles as a tone-setter for the content that follows.

Grammar & Punctuation

  • Selections should follow best practices for capitalization and punctuation. For example, more complex selections should be Sentence case, and only full sentences should receive end punctuation.
  • Sets, simple and complex, should adhere to parallel syntax.


  • Because Radio Button is inherently selectable, actions are not required to highlight that behavior.
  • Instead, use actions to clearly define the selection’s intent. Distinct selections are especially important for Radio Button as users can select only a single option.

Character Count

Radio Button can accommodate multiple lines, but as with all selection-related content, short and sweet options make it easier for users.



  • One Radio Button can be checked per group
  • Tapping label or icon checks/unchecks the Radio Button
  • Label clearly identifies purpose for Radio Button

Keyboard/Focus Expectations

  • Enabled Radio Buttons receive focus when tapped and with keyboard navigation
  • Tap or return/spacebar checks/unchecks the Radio Button

Screen Reader Expectations

Reading Order

  • Not checked/checked, “label”, “Radio Button group label”, Radio Button
  • If disabled: not checked/checked, “label”, “Radio Button group label”, Radio Button, disabled
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