v2.16.141 Latest release 01-27-2021

This page breaks down efforts to unify iOS components and styles from legacy Sketch and component libraries into Anatomy. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, submit a request.

Status definitions
Stable, accessible, and available
Currently being migrated
Under consideration
Being considered for migration
No longer supported
Currently has no committed work


The fundamental pieces of the brand we use to make our components.
Name Status
Colors Under consideration
Iconography & pictograms In-progress
Motion Unplanned
Spacing Unplanned
Typography Unplanned


Swift components made available as code through our CocoaPod package
Name Status
Button Available
Text field Available
Illustrations Available

Legacy components

Miscellaneous components from pre-existing component libraries. Over time, Anatomy will be consuming, refactoring, and re-releasing some of these.
Name Status
Avatars Unplanned
Bars - Nav bar Unplanned
Bars - Search bar Unplanned
Bars - Tab bar Unplanned
Card In-progress
Controls - Progress indicator Unplanned
Controls - Section header Unplanned
Controls - Segmented controls Unplanned
Controls - Table view cell Unplanned
Separator Unplanned
Views - Bottom sheet Unplanned
Views - Overlay message view Unplanned
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